Thursday, December 30, 2004

MF Doom - KMD

KMD back in teh day

KMD - 808 Man

KMD - Peachfuzz

So everyone knows about MF Doom these days with his incredibly prolific output of the moment making up for the lost years of the mid nineties when he vanished from the public eye.

He's kept a pretty high standard with most of his recent output, Madvillainy being my own personal highlight, but I thought I'd concentrate on his early years. Back before he smoked so much weed his voice turned gravelly he was in the group KMD with his brother DJ Subroc. Back then Doom was known as Zev luv x and his style, while higher pitched, is easily recognizable.

You can read a brief history of the group here, their group disbanding after the untimely death of subroc.

Thought I'd put up two tracks that both feature on their greatest hits compilation. The first track is a bouncing upbeat number with the standard cut up style of the early nineties.

The second track is a personal favorite of mine even though it's a pretty lightweight number, reminds me of the breezy flow of Bizarre Journey II The Pharcyde.

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