Friday, December 31, 2004


Yeah, I know it’s a poor pic but there aren’t many around of Syreeta.

Syreeta – I Love Every Little Thing About You

Syreeta – To Know You Is To Love You

First of, thanks to Soul Sides for putting me up on a link, you can find them on my sidebar though I expect you already know them pretty well.

Aa change of pace for this last post before we enter 2005. Without wanting to step on any other blogger’s toes I thought it only right to slow things down for the end of the year.
Soul music lost a truly great singer this year when Syreeta Wright passed away. A long term collaborator with Stevie Wonder, her combination of warm, honey, vocals and meaningful lyrics combined to create some classic music. You can read about her life history here. She also sang backing tracks for Stevie with Minnie Riperton who I will no doubt cover in a future post.

I’ve put up two songs from Syreeta’s first album, aptly titled Syreeta . The album was produced by Stevie Wonder and his influence is pretty obvious all the way through it.

The first track, I Love Every Little Thing About You, is a funky cover of a Stevie song and the bopping bass is perfect for getting ready to go out on New Year’s Eve. The second track, To Know You Is To Love You, is a duet between Stevie and Syreeta and is just the kind of laid back soulful bliss you’ll need tomorrow morning if you’re out partying tonight.

Anyway, I’ll be away till mid next week partying (sitting at home nursing a hangover) so have a good new year and don’t forget to comment if you have any requests or want more information.


Deep Soul Junkie said...

Good stuff, is this from the rare Syreeta album that was just rereleased in 2004?

Junior said...

I wasn't aware that any of her stuff had been rereleased but if this album has then i'd like to pick it up as my copy is extremely worn! Motown really need to do remastered reissues of her first two albums the way they've done Stevie's seventuies classics.

Good choice on Stevie songs by the way.

Deep Soul Junkie said...

I couldn't download these songs as MP3's on a Mac, I'm not sure if anyone else told you that but I couldn't get them.

Junior said...

Cheers for the tip off - will check it out tomorrow.

Let me know if you have similar problems with any of the other tracks.

Deep Soul Junkie said...

Do you suppose there would be any way you could email me one or both of these tracks, I'd love to get them?

P.S. Always been a big fan of AFTER HOURS, nice post on that BTW.

Junior said...

Yeah no worries, email me at and I'll send you the tracks - always happy to share some Syreeta.

Glad you enjoyed the After Hours article, shame music blogging takes up all my free work time........

Anonymous said...

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