Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The Black Sheep in their prime

Black Sheep - Strobelite Honeys

Black Sheep - To Whom It May Concern

So, a new year, the same old hip hop. Will start mixing up musical styles shortly but before that happens I had to put up a couple of tracks from the most shockingly neglected album from the early nineties native tongue gold rush of acts.

I am of course referring to Black Sheep and their superb debut album A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

While buddies of De La Soul and Jungle Brothers (They even make cameos on De La Soul Is Dead), DJ Mr Lawnge and MC Dres were less interested in the daisy age and more interested in getting drunk and getting their end away.

I would put this album up their with De La Soul's first three albums as one of immaculately high quality hip hop.

It was a difficult task choosing just two tracks to represent how great this whole album is but in the end I settled on the disco funk of Strobelite Honey and To Whom It May Concern which reflects their more considered side.

Just listen to the quality beats of Lawnge and the flow of Dres and tell me you don't want to pick up the album.

Unfortunately after this album they released a second record, Non-Fiction, which disappeared as soon as it was released.

Since then both artists pop up occasionally and Dres can be found on the new Handsome Boy modeling School album.

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