Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Don Covay

Don Covay

Don Covay - What's In The Headlines

I promised to make a change from the funk today though how long this will last is a matter of doubt. Anyway today I give you another great example of music with a message.

Don Covay had been around a hell of a long time already when he released this beautiful folk/blues tune. Starting his career in the 50's in doo-wop groups he slowly moved through soul and r'n'b, continuously playing with different styles. Though he remained most famous for the song Mercy Mercy he also wrote songs for artists such as Wilson Pickett and Aretha Franklin and was held in extremely high regard by the Rolling Stones back when they had some credibility. You can read a full biography of the man here.

The track I've focused on today is from his 1970 album Different Strokes for Different Folks and shows off a different side to Don Covay. The song's brilliance is in it's simplicity, not an instrument or vocal is wasted as Don sings about the troubles facing him on a daily basis. I love the combination of the happy go lucky feel of the tune with such miserable lyrics. Plus, is the muted trumpet effect made with a paper and comb? Who knows and, more importantly, who cares when it works so well......

You can get a best of Don Covay HERE.

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