Thursday, February 24, 2005

Richard "Groove" Holmes hammering the funk

Richard Holmes

Richard "Groove" Holmes - Flyjack

When you've been labeled with a nickname like "groove" then you had better be extremely funky and this man more than satisfies all requirements.

A Hammond organist like Dr. Lonnie Smith, Holmes was less interested in the jazzy side and much more concerned with making records that were insanely funky. "Groove" started his career as a jazz bassist and apparently switched his talents to the organ without any training. While influenced by the late great Jimmy Smith, Holmes music is there specifically to groove to. Unfortunately Holmes passed away in 1991 aged just 60. You can read much more about him here.

The track I'm sharing with you is from his classic 1973 album Night Glider and is 3 and a half minutes of funk goodness. I love the way Holmes uses the saxophones to contrast with the Hammond tune. A slow builder this track really takes off half way through where the percussion steps up a gear with wooshing high hats making the urge to nod your head almost irresistible.

You can get a copy of Night Glider HERE. Though have a look around and you should be able to get it cheaper.


Taxi Driver said...

Wicket mon!!!!!!!!! Groovy indeed.

Oh yeah!

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