Monday, January 24, 2005

Bizarre Ride II Early Nineties Hip Hop


The Pharcyde - On The DL

The Pharcyde - Otha Fish

It's a new week and a new method of download! That's right, I'm experimenting with something other than You Send It so let me know if it works ok. There may be a slight delay before the song downloads and you may get a pop up but it still looks a lot more reliable..........

Anyway, on to today's selection. As promised we're visiting the wonderful world of hip hop this week and what better way to start it than with a seminal group from the early nineties, The Pharcyde.

Formed at the turn of the nineties these guys have been producing quality hip hop for over a decade now and, while having lost two of their founding members, show no signs of slowing up in their old age. You can read a full bio of the group here.

The two songs I've got for you today are both off their debut album Bizarre Ride II which was released in 1992 at the back end of the native tongues wave of hip hop. The album caught my ears back then due to it's mixture of blissed out samples by the legendary J-Swift and the MCs who-gives-a-shit lyrics.

The first track I've listed here for your music pleasure is On The DL, a lesson in cutting through the bull and telling it how it really is. The beautiful laid back use by J Swift of a tired old meters sample works perfectly as the group rap about everything from wanking to robbery.

The second selection is my personal favorite Pharcyde track ever, Otha Fish. In it Slim Kid Tre pretty much goes it alone on a song that crosses between hip hop and soul and back again. It really is a sublime track and should really be held up there as a great achievement in itself.

The whole album is definitely worth getting (I haven't even touched on Ya Mama) and is available to buy HERE.

Oh yeah, for the people who have been experiencing problems downloading the tracks with You Send It, email me and let me know and I'll contact you directly with them. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any problems with the new system......


Anonymous said...

Hello, I got here via

Thanks for introducing me to The Pharcyde, I LOVE "Otha Fish". I look forward to more of your very informative posts.

Auden M.

Junior said...

Glad you enjoyed it - the whole album is worth picking up but Otha Fish will always have a special place in my music collection.

Dom said...

Followed your comment over @ FreeMotion -

Otha Fish has meaning for me 2 & Bizarre Ride II is my favourite hip hop album quality from start to end, Labcabincalifornia is a great album as well.

I use YSI it's fairly reliable - just takes a while to upload larger files.

Junior said...

Yeah i like their secopnd album but find the overall effect a bit too polished for my liking, prefer the mix of smooth and rough of Bizarre Ride II.

Haven't had many problems with YSI myself but will try out this rapidshare program mainly as there's no limits on the downloads. Seems like the best option till i fork out money for the site.