Thursday, January 20, 2005

Galt MacDermot - Beyond the hair

Galt MacDermot
Never judge a man by his haircut

Galt MacDermot - Coffee Cold

Galt MacDermot - Space

Ok, a real quickie today I'm afraid as work has suddenly caught up with the blogging.

Today I give you two songs by Galt MacDermot. Still probably best known for his work on Hair he has also carved out a nice career making chilled out jazz music on the side.

You can read a full biography of the man here.

The first song I've put up here, Coffee Cold, was a bit of a revelation when I first heard it. I was always a big fan of The Truth by the Handsome Boy Modeling School until I heard this and realised they'd literally just laid vocals over the top of this tune.
It's extremely simple but the piano and drums create a really lovely tune.

The second track, Space, is even more minimalist but if you listen to it carefully you should be able to pick up the riff from Busta Rhymes Woo-Ha in the piano.

Both tracks are available on Galt's best of album which you can pick up HERE. They really are sublime piano numbers.

Once again, sorry about the quick post today but tomorrow should be back to normal posting tomorrow. In the meantime, if Galt isn't enough to keep you going Deep Soul Junkie has a great Isaac Hayes track available at the moment which is well worth checking out. Beat me to my post about Isaac as well.


djscenius said...

Link's down, sadly. The song selection's great on here, but I find yousendit goes down really quickly...

Junior said...

They should be working again now, if not let me know! Yeah You Send It isn't the greatest, if you've got any tips about a simpler (and free) way to host mp3s I'd be grateful for the advice.