Friday, January 21, 2005

Its rollerskating time with Vaughan Mason & Crew

Vaughan Mason 12
They just don't make covers like they used to

Vaughan Mason & Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll

After the downtempo mood of yesterday's post I bring you the perfect song for a Friday. So maybe this is verging on being disco rather than funk but it's all about the rollerskating and how can you say no to that?

Released in 1980, I know very little about Mr Mason and his crew apart from that this was undoubtedly their biggest hit and has no doubt been sampled to death.

An irresistible groove to the track keeps it rolling all the way through and it really is a song that it's impossible to sit still to. A bubbly bassline and handclaps help keep things ticking over nicely before the bongos make their entrance about halfway through. The song has always reminded me of Chic's Good Times which is surely no bad thing? A guaranteed pick me up.

I've got an old 12" but a quick browse has revealed it's available on an Old School Jams compilation which you can get HERE

Right, it'll be mix up time next week when I bring hip hop up for posting (how could I have left it so long?) again and maybe, just maybe, some Tomita.......


Anonymous said...

Writing from LA way, There is a growning subculture movement and Rollin is still alive, (very different from skating rink roller blades) The roll bounce is still alive and DJ's are mixin it up with oldie, oldschool-
It's a blast!
Thanks for the post.

Junior said...

Good to hear it's finally making a comeback! It's about time this music got a revival.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, This song is one of my favorites! For years and years I'm looking for the lyrics of "Bounce rock skate roll" by the fabulous Vaughan Mason and crew. Could you please send them to me? Thanks a lot!!