Thursday, January 13, 2005

Welcome to the world of expert knob twiddlers Mike & Rich

Mike & Rich
Don't twist that knob µ-Ziq!

Mike & Rich - Mr Frosty

Mike & Rich - Jelly Fish

A new day, a change of sound. As a break from the soul and hip hop I've been bringing you I thought I'd post a couple of tracks of electronic funk by Mike & Rich, better known as electronic legends µ-Ziq and Aphex Twin. The album was released in 1996 when both artists were riding high on critical acclaim.

The cover alone makes the album essential but what really sets it apart is that, quite unexpectedly for such a high profile collaboration, the whole album is a lot of fun. The artists have strayed away from going too experimental and have produced what in my mind is without a doubt the closest thing Aphex will ever get to a commercial album. I would say that the style of the music is more µ-Ziq than Aphex and it all bops along happily like some sort of mutated robotic lounge music.

The two tracks posted here are both head nodders that would cheer you up on even the dullest morning with their squelching bass and hummable tunes.
The first track Mr Frosty hooks you into it's rhythm and is more like old school Detroit techno than any kind of normal electronic breakbeat with it's synthesized strings and modulated chords.
The second track Jelly Fish is even more fun with it's looping piano like something off an old Dj Mugg's production (think Cypress Hill - Break Em Off Some) and it's collection of strange noises including clattering xylophone and ghostly whistling.

Neither track has dated at all and it's a real shame that the Mike & Rich never decided to make a follow up album. Aphex, in particular, could do with making some more fun tracks again. You can get the album here and enjoy it as a unique coming together of too very talented but decidedly odd individuals.

Back to the more soulful tunes tomorrow......

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